Miley Cyrus Still Loves Smoking Weed, Says Everyone is Copying Her Hair


Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming one of the most annoying celebrities – she speaks without thinking and is constantly rambling on about smoking weed and her haircut, which really isn’t that exciting or interesting, is it? Miley believes that people are even copying her haircut so she’s now basically over it and moving on. Did she actually invent the blonde pixie cut? She seems to be claiming to. She commented:

“Hopefully my hair grows really quick and next time you see me I’ll have a pony down to my butt. I just always want to be different. Everyone else has cut their hair to look just like me, so now I got to do something different. I don’t like when you walk in and you see a bunch of other yous.”

And speaking on smoking weed, Miley says she loves smoking because there is no sick feeling the next day, while she admits that drinking alcohol leaves her feeling terrible:

“When I smoke, I don’t get the sick feeling I get when I drink, or that anger rising up. There’s a reason Bob Marley was like some kind of musical Rasta Mother Theresa!”

On influencing kids, Miley thinks that young people have access to everything on the internet and will watch whatever they want (she might have a point on this one?):

“Kids know everything under the sun. If they have an iPhone, they’re watching pr0n. Watching me grinding a little in my white leggings, it’s nothing compared to what your 12-year-old son is watching under the sheets. Siri will even tell you how to dispose of a dead body.”