Miley Cyrus’ Shocking Transformation: Is Raunchy ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video A Cry For Attention?

Miley Cyrus has undergone quite the style transformation over the past year, going from teen pop princess Hannah Montana to punk chick all of a sudden. EntertainmentWise caught up with body language expert Judi James to get some meaning behind the journey since Miles’ 2010 music video for ‘When I Look At You.’

The short haired star can be seen writhing around on a bed in her latest rather racy vid for ‘We Can’t Stop,’ but things were very different when she filmed her 2010 music video and Judi thinks that the quirky singer’s new rebellious ways may just be for show.

Judi tells us, regarding the older, more innocent vid: “The transition from Disney teen to pop queen is rarely an easy one, with celebs like Britney and Christina seeming to veer on the side of over-congruence in a bid to prove their rebellious rocker credentials.”

She then added: “On the surface Miley’s transformation looks just as shocking and dramatic when you compare the hugely sweet and sanitised Myleen Klass musical wholesomeness going on around the piano in her 2010 video compared to the animal-on-heat style in-bed writhing featured in her more recent one.”

“The 2010 Miley is all about tumbling curls and pale lippy and she seems to have a penchant for pastel covered chiffon frocks that blow gently in the breeze.”

And unlike her latest video, Miley definitely isn’t going for the ‘sexy’ approach in the 2010 video, Judi continues: “The closest to sexy that this Miley comes is when she does a cute ‘chase me chase me’ run along the beach with a young hunk in tow but to be honest he doesn’t really look that interested in catching her.”

“By contrast the more recent video appears to be intentionally all about sex and pseudo- aggression, from the bared teeth and pit-baring poses that suggest excessive confidence and daring to the bum and tongue displays that suggest mating intentions in almost any animal language.”

But are her new racy ways just for show? Judi continues: “However, along with all the overt sexual signaling there is still a strong undercurrent of innocence in this video that implies Miley might not be quite the raunch- poppet she’s trying to make out.”

She adds: “Her outfits are predominantly white, suggesting purity; there are several scenes of giant cuddly teddy bears dancing about; one of the supposedly seduced guys seems to be happier sucking his own thumb like a small kid, and even the doll- licking scene looks like something a small child might do in the playground.”

What do you think of Miley’s shocking transformation?