Miley Cyrus ‘Leaked Sex Tape’ By Alleged Boyfriend Goes Viral

Miley Cyrus has been in the hospital for the last week or so after a severe reaction to antibiotics but the poor Wrecking Ball star just can’t get a break as while she’s been recovering a so called leaked sex tape, which is actually a scam, has been running rife on social media.

The scam promises to show Miley and her “boyfriend,” getting up to some X rated action, but in fact it’s all a scam to promote the website.

The post claims: “[19+ VíDEO] Míléy Cyrús Séx tapé Leáks By Her New Boyfrínd Yesterday … Míléy is very much sad after wathing this. (sic)”

It will then transfer users to a website that appears to look like Facebook, but believe us it isn’t.

There is no Miley Cyrus sex tape people! (WENN) have urged users to not be fooled by the faux site: “There is no leaked video or tape of Miley Cyrus, the American actress and recording artist. This Facebook post was designed to trick social networking users into sharing it, so it can spread to other Facebook or social networking users.

“It also attempts to trick users into completing surveys, which the cybercriminals behind it will benefit from. So, do not be fooled into completing the surveys or sharing the post.”

In more positive news for Miley, she’s been released from hospital and is feeling much better!