Mila Kunis Causes A Stir Amongst Choirboys As She And Channing Tatum Film Jupiter Ascending

Seeing Mila Kunis semi-naked is pretty much every schoolboy’s fantasy, but it seems like it’s been getting all too much for choirboys at Ely Cathedral, where the stunning actress has been filming her latest movie Jupiter Ascending.

According to The Mirror, Clerics have clearly become concerned about the prospect of overexcited choirboys in their cassocks and have apparently “briefed all members of staff at the cathedral not to hassle Mila.”

The Black Swan actress began filming scenes, one of which is said to see her attached to a zip wire, dashing from one end of the altar to another, this week for new movie, Jupiter Ascending.

Co-star Channing Tatum is also in town, but he is not deemed a distraction by Ely officials.

A source said: “Staff and volunteers at the cathedral have each received a memo instructing them not to bother the stars, or even make eye contact.”

“It is a real coup for Ely having someone like Mila filming and they realise how important it is to let her get on with her work without being bothered by overexcited choristers.”

“She and Channing have been squirrelled away, and they are being smuggled in so as to cause as little bother and distraction as possible. Much of the cathedral has been closed down as well to ensure filming continues seamlessly.”

Earlier this week, locals spotted cast and crew unpacking trailers outside the famous 12th-century building. All tours were cancelled until midday, allowing Mila and production staff to film uninterrupted.

One employee excitedly told a local reporter: “I can tell you now that Mila is inside the building.”

“I believe she’s actually getting changed inside the Lady Chapel as we speak.”

Jupiter Ascending, a big budget Warner Bros number, is being shot in England until June, before the production is finished off in Chicago.

The sci-fi adventure, which also stars Eddie Redmayne and Sean Bean, is not due for release until next year.

Ely Cathedral has previously been used as a location in The King’s Speech, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Other Man and a recent Bollywood film.