Michael Jackson Unheard Songs to be Released


Michael Jackson, who passed away in July 2009, is set to release some new music! Fred Jerkins III who works alongside his brother Rodney as ‘Darkchild’ has revealed that Michael did leave some songs behind and they’re working on finishing them off so they can be released, along with video footage:

”We have a number of unreleased songs and all sorts of video footage. There’s a project in the making right now that will include all those songs.”

The producer comments that he worked with Michael for a full two years and that they teamed up in Pleasantville where they became good friends over that time. He says that the famous singer was a “relaxed” person and even allowed his son to throw a party at Neverland:

”I worked with him for two years exclusively – it’s the biggest highlight of my career. He came to our studios in Pleasantville, New Jersey, and we built a really strong relationship and became really good friends. I remember him, just for fun, riding on a three-wheel bike in the parking lot that belonged to someone with disabilities. He was really relaxed. It’s things like that that you wouldn’t expect from Michael Jackson. We were comfortable with him as a family and my son had his fifth birthday at Neverland.”