Michael Jackson & Pamela Anderson Dating?

Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson have shocked the world by going on a date at the Shutters Hotel in Malibu Beach.

Wacko Jacko and the Baywatch babe were reportedly chatting away and even flirting with one another.

They requested a private area away from prying eyes but definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

The Daily Mail quotes a source as saying, “It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger.

“Michael is such a private person. He gets nervous when he thinks people are following him around, so he chose somewhere neutral for their first date.

“Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding. They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off.”

Their first date was such a success that they followed it up with a second one at the Country Mart in Malibu, where the pair talked about their children and his new album.

Giving Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman a run for their money, it’s fair to say stranger things really haven’t happened!!