Michael Fassbender Reveals Skydiving Addiction

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Michael Fassbender has revealed his addiction to skydiving. The ’12 Years a Slave’ actor opened up on a recent experience which he found exhilarating. He spent New Year’s Eve in Hawaii and decided to jump out of a plane to ring in the New Year – and it wasn’t his first time experiencing the thrill. He commented on what it felt like and how it affected him:

 “Last time was in Hawaii, New Year’s Eve. An incredible feeling. And that’s the thing that blows my mind about human beings. Someone somewhere first had that idea. To jump out of a plane and free fall… Of course, you have to pull the parachute and eventually and that’s the bit that freaks me out. When you suddenly slow and you can see how high you are. You can see the curvature of the earth. Applying the brakes suddenly makes you more aware of your mortality. Before this, everything is just a rush of brown and greens as you scream towards the planet through space. Then the chute opens and you can see all the details. The cars. The trees. Houses. All of life is brought back into sharp focus. Suddenly reality appears a little too close somehow.”

Michael adds that he is glad he tried out skydiving before he was too old. He likes to live without regrets and would have been sad if he had never pushed himself to try the sport:

“Wouldn’t it be terrible to be on your deathbed and suddenly think, ‘God, why didn’t I do that?’ Was it because I was worried about failing? Or what somebody else might think of me? We are all going to die eventually… Take the jump. What have you got to lose?”

Photo: PRPhotos