Michael Fassbender is Still Open to Full-Frontal Nudity

51st Annual New York Film Festival - "12 Years A Slave" - Arrivals

Michael Fassbender has previously done full-frontal nudity for his role as a sex addict in ‘Shame’ but says he wasn’t put off by the experience and he would happily do it again if a role required it. Michael comments that he doesn’t understand why people still find it so controversial to see nudity when they’ve already seen in a hundred times before and it’s nothing unnatural. He said on the subject:

 ”Of course I would do it again if the film needs it. When filming ’12 Years a Slave’, [director] Steve [McQueen] wanted me to lose my pants for a particular scene and I was like, ‘Steve come on, we’ve done ”Shame” already.’ ‘Listen, it’s not a big deal. I mean half the population has one between our legs and the other half has something else. It’s weird how there seems to be so much hype around one man’s piece of anatomy. It’s just ludicrous, really!”

Michael adds that he doesn’t understand the hype around his good looks and certainly doesn’t see himself as a sex symbol type at all:

 ”I don’t see myself as a pin-up. I don’t dwell on it. That sort of information isn’t good for my own head.”

Photo: PRPhotos