Met Ball 2014: Kate Upton Flashes Her Knickers After Red Carpet Disaster

Kate Upton fell foul to the ultimate celeb slip up, the car exit knicker flash as she partied following the Met Costume Gala in New York.

The curvy model had changed out of her sheer floor length black dress following the red carpet into a white mini dress and it seems had trouble keeping her legs together as she hit the after party with fellow model Lily Aldridge.

Kate Upton flashes her knickers as she exits the car (SplashNews)

The blonde’s knickers were on full display as she left the car, perhaps she was trying to give the spotlight to some other part of her body than her breasts? She did recently complain her butt didn’t get enough attention so maybe she thought she should give her crotch the spotlight too?

Kate’s red carpet offering was a little under whelming (SplashNews)

The unflattering upskirt photo wasn’t the worst look of the night for the Other Woman star though as her black sheer gown left a lot to be desired.

While it wasn’t the worst offering of the evening, the strange head-dress did nothing to compliment Kate’s look as she posed on the red carpet.

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Beyonce and Jay Z co-ordinate on the red carpet (SplashNews)