Melanie Sykes’ Toyboy Slept With Other Girl: ‘He Was Playing Us Both’

Melanie Sykes’ newfound relationship with Twitter toyboy Jack Cockings has had the media buzzing in recent weeks… so it was only a matter of time before someone sold a story and got in on the action.

Step forward Heidi Caswell, a heartbroken 27-year-old so devastated by the deception that she confided in The Sun.

She claims that Jack flirted with both her and Melanie at the same time, and slept with her just before going out to meet the TV presenter last month.

“I thought we had something special but it was all a lie,” she wept. “All the while he was flirting with Mel.”

Apparently, on the morning of May 20th, he text her after a night of passion asking “How was the sex?”

That same day he asked Melanie out over the social networking site.

“Jack’s got a filthy sense of humour which I fell for and so did [Sykes],” Caswell continued. “He was playing us both at the same time, sending identical messages and even the same photos.”

Jack admitted that they slept together but denied any strings were attached. He said: “Every heterosexual guy has got his needs,” he said. Do homosexuals not?

“I wasn’t in a relationship with Heidi. All I did was have sex with her.”

Melanie tweeted: “Where the feck is bulls**t man when you need him? #karlpilkington Loool xxxxx”

It’s not Romeo and Juliet, is it?