McFly’s Tom Fletcher: ‘I Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Two Years Ago’ 

The McFly boys’ new autobiography ‘Unsaid Things… Our Story’ is packed with revelations and confessions many of their fans will be surprised to hear, and the latest revelation in Fabulous magazine is from bandmate Tom Fletcher.

Speaking of his diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2010, he said: “For a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was difficult to be with, I was a complete a**e a lot of the time.

“God knows how the other boys put up with me. I’d never heard of bipolar, but when I was at my loqwest I read an article about it and cried because I knew that was me.”

Reading the article prompted Tom, 27, to seek treatment: “It was a massive relief because it meant I could do something. I was put on medication and started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist. I also started sleep therapy which was incredible.”

Although Tom believes fans will be surprised to hear about his mental illness, he knows that loyal followers might have suspected something was getting him down.

Asked about it, he said: “Probably, although there are a lot of McFly fans that know us so well, it may make sense to them too. People often don’t talk about mental illness, but we should- we should be aware of it and not ashamed to deal with it.”

During the interview Tom also thanks his wife Giovanna Falcone, sister of TOWIE’s Mario, for her constant support: “I love being married and my wife has put up with a lot. She says I’m the one who has the periods!”

And their constanst devotion to each other might also mean the pitter patter of tiny feet soon: “Definitely [I want children]. I want some time just us being on our own, maybe a year, then babies. I can’t wait to be a dad.”