Matthew McConaughey Reveals His Scary ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Diet

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Oscar-nominated Matthew McConaughey dropped a scary amount of weight for his part in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and has now revealed the diet he was put on in order to achieve his weight goal. Matthew says he ate well but the quantities were very small:

“I ate well. Just very small amounts. Five ounces of fish, twice a day. Cup of vegetables, twice a day. The secret is, I gave myself four months.”

On taking a career break for a while, Matthew says he had to force himself to get away from Hollywood and be with his family so he could figure out his next move:

 “I just knew I was going to hold out for a while and things would dry out. I didn’t know how long they would dry out for, and that was scary. I would get sent things and the paychecks were great, and I would say no. Then, they quit sending them altogether. And then … nothing. So the message got through.”

Matthew says dropping to much weight made him “hyper aware” and he had a very low tolerance level for people at that point:

“I went from being cranky to hyper aware, that clarity is hard on other people, because my bullshit meter was zero. I was like, ‘Speak up. No adjectives or adverbs. Just nouns and verbs. Speak!’”

Photo: PRPhotos