Matthew McConaughey On Turning Down Rom-Coms & Taking Scary Roles

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Matthew McConaughey used to be known for his many Rom-Com roles, but he has now spoken on how he has turned his career around. The actor admits it was difficult at first but he realized he needed to reject scripts until he found something that scared him because he wanted to go in a new direction. He opened up on the process:

”I’m not going to carry on doing the same thing over and over. I was reading romantic comedies. And I liked them. But I wanted to do something that scares me a little bit. The first move was saying ‘no’ to scripts. That was six months of ‘no’ and then a year of nothing. And something happened. I gained anonymity and suddenly it became a good idea for William Friedkin [director] to call about ‘Killer Joe’ or Steven Soderbergh about ‘Magic Mike’.”

When asked how it felt for him to take such a long period out of the spotlight, Matthew said it was a nice chance for him to bond with his family including his new son. It also gave him a chance to adapt his life and make the changes he wanted:

”A little bit. But I hunkered down with my wife. And I had a son come into the world. When I got anxious, I could be like: shepherding my newborn son is a great thing to be doing. If it hadn’t been for my son, I’d have been more antsy for sure. I look at all this as switching gear: same book, different chapter. I could have done some of these roles five or ten years ago. I didn’t. I had a nice run there. I enjoyed those romcoms. So they didn’t get critical acclaim. That’s not my concern. Now I’ve started doing this and I’m enjoying it. People are going, ‘We like him.’ ”

Photo: PRPhotos