Matt LeBlanc ‘made to eat horse’s penis’ for stomach-churning episode of Top Gear as BBC bosses scramble for ratings boost

Jeremy Clarkson is going to love this.

Top Gear bosses are going to extreme lengths to get the show back on track and have resorted to some stomach-churning tactics to get viewers tuning in to the new series.

Matt LeBlanc has thrown himself into it and has reportedly eaten horse’s penis for the show. Yes, you read that right.

The presenter, of Friends fame, had to reportedly eat the “reproductive part” of a horse while the team were filming in Kazakhstan but it turns out the star Le Blanc didn’t have the stomach for it.

In an interview with The Daily Star, his fairly traumatised co-host Chris Harris said: “The weirdest thing I saw? I saw Matt try and eat part of a horse that was used in some sort of reproductive process and give up quite early on.”

He also added: “I ate a half cooked sheep’s ear with a bit of mould on it. I thought I was going to be sick.”

While new addition Rory Reid added: “The strangest thing I ate was a pig’s face. And brain. And ears.”

Sounds delightful.

It sounds like a Bushtucker trial doesn’t it? The show’s trio were zipping around Kazakhstan in a London cab while trying some of the region’s local delicacies.

Where are @mleblanc, @harrismonkey and @MrRoryReid? If only there was some sort of clue… #TopGear

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Matt recently revealed that the group have formed a friendship since they started work together, but admitted that it was a little tough to begin with.

‘This is now the first season for the three of us and it does take a little while,’ he told The Sun.

“You take the three people, put them together in a room and say, ‘It’s in your interest to get along’ and everyone is open to getting along. But it takes a little while to speed up the shorthand.”