Matt Damon to be George Clooney’s Best Man?

According to new reports, George has had to choose between close friends Brad and Matt, selecting just one of the famous actors to be his best man when he tied to the knot to Amal Alamuddin. Apparently, George once made a promise to Matt that he would be his best man if he ever walked down the aisle again years ago, so he’s staying true to what he said in the past:

”A lot of people thought Brad was a certainty to be George’s best man as they have been such good friends for years. But he is probably even closer to Matt. Besides many years ago, during one drunken night together, George made a promise to Matt that he would make him his best man if he ever got married – so Matt called to claim his prize.”

Sources says that Brad isn’t offended by George’s choice and is even going to make some fun out of the awkward situation at the wedding:

”Brad took the news with good grace – but he did say he’d heckle Matt during his speech.”