Matt Damon Isn’t Surprised by George Clooney’s Engagement

Matt explains that it makes perfect sense because Amal is such a great person so it didn’t shock him at all:

”Anyone who has met Amal isn’t surprised, and we’re all really excited for him.”

Matt adds that he is very happy for George because he seems genuinely happy with Amal and he believes the actor deserves that kind of relationship:

”I’m just thrilled that he met Amal and that they’re as happy as they are. He deserves it.”

When asked if he knows if George now plans to have children with Amal, Matt comments that he simply doesn’t know:

”You gotta ask him that one. I don’t know.”

George’s parents have also recently expressed their happiness about the engagement, saying they are very happy for the couple. George’s father Nick commented:

”We are thrilled. We have had an opportunity to interact with this wonderful young woman and these are two great people. We are thrilled at their decision and we hope for them the best.”