Marvin Humes Talks X Factor Tenth Anniversary, Simon Cowell And Becoming A Dad

It’s been a busy few months for Marvin Humes. Not only has he become dad to Alaia Mai with wife Saturday’s star Rochelle, he’s also announced the end of JLS as well as starting a new career as a DJ.

So when we caught up with Marvin as he promoted Sky Sports on Sky Go he admitted his life had gone through quite the transformation in 2013.

So how has Marvin’s life transformed since the end of JLS?

MH: “Obviously I’m at Capital two days a week, Friday and Saturday, whereas JLS was more of a seven-day-a-week, 24/7 time, so it’s different in the way that I am in one place every week, which was not the case for JLS. And it’s just me, which is obviously completely different.”

Admitting he missed the having his JLS boys around him he went on: “I’m used to being with my three brothers, xo, of course it’s different but we’re all on different paths now and we’ve got different careers. I’m a DJ and I’m presenting on the radio.”

He even revealed that he could turn his hand to acting:  “I definitely want to get back into acting, for sure. It’s something I did when I was younger. It’s definitely something I want to get back into.”

While hisw career has seen him take on new opportunities, becoming a dad is no doubt the biggest change in Marvs life this year and he admitted he and Rochelle were “loving it”.

“We’re still in the honeymoon period with the baby where even when we have to change her nappy, it’s just amazing,” he gushed, “She’s such a bundle of joy for us and she brings us so much happiness. We go and see her in the morning – because she’s sleeping in her own room now – and she’s just the most beautiful thing.

“We are very lucky and it’s lovely to be a parent.”

With The Saturdays career sky rocketting and Marvin’s new ventures, the star revealed he’s got a pretty busy life but he and Rochelle manage to make it work.

“Of course, it is difficult – but we’ve not known any different. Since Rochelle and I have been together, we have both had very busy careers, but we’ve always been able to balance our work lives and social lives. And obviously with JLS are on tour later this year, I’ve got more time on my hands… My family and my child and my wife.

“If anything, we’re spending more time together, which is great. To be honest, we just get on with it.”

Speaking about the family’s first trip on holiday Marvin admitted it had been a special experience.

“It was amazing! It was lovely to get a break, away from the UK, and we took the baby away from us which was amazing. We look forward to more, but we’ve got a lot more work on this year, so we’ll be kept busy,”

Marvin and Rochelle hit the club as they enjoy night out (WENN)

Marvin and Rochelle are known to love a good party and are often spotted hitting the club, but has that changed now they’re a mum and dad? Not according to the JLS star!

I still go to parties, of course. Because I’m a DJ now, I’m always out and about. I’ve just come back from Spain, DJing for two nights. It almost makes up for me wanting to party, because I’m DJing,” he confessed.

“I still go out a lot, but I am a lot more responsible – not that I wasn’t responsible before. I still go out with my friends and have a good time, so it’s all good!

With Marvin and Rochelle enjoying themselves so much, can we expect another one soon?

“We’ll have to wait and see,” he said, “Hopefully! Maybe. I’m not making it a secret the fact that I want to have a big family. We don’t want to put a time on it, how soon we’ll have baby number two. But definitely at some point, for sure!”

Marvin also gave his thoughts on this year’s X Factor and admitted he’s still a huge fan of the show that brought him fame and his hopes to be returning as the show celebrates a decade on the box.

“I should think so, I should hope so,” he admitted, “Almost every single year since we finished the show, we’ve gone back to the studio, and I’m, sure this year will be no different, especially since it’s the 10th one.”

“I’ve already seen an advert that said that collectively the show’s had 37 number 1s in the UK, which is incredible. So I’m sure that they’ll be celebrating all of their most successful acts.”

JLS: Stars found fame on the X Factor (WENN)

But what does Marvin think of the judging panel this year, with Tulisa being replaced by old favourite Sharon Osbourne?

“I think it’s great, I’m really excited!,” he confessed, “I think that the return of Sharon is going to be epic, she was there from the very start of the X Factor, after being away for 5 or 6 years and now she’s come back. And I’ve seen all her shows in America, I watch her on America’s Got Talent and I think she’s a fantastic personality and judge. I think it will be fantastic to see her back in the UK this year and spice up the panel a bit.”

As someone who’s done so well out of the X Factor what’s Marv’s advice for becoming a star rather than just another forgotten face?

“First of all, not everybody can become successful off the show. It makes sense. Look at other shows that are similar to the X Factor, and not really many of them have gone on to have really serious music careers,” he said.

“The X Factor is the only show that can really stand up tall and say that they’ve developed and nurtured international. Obviously the biggest band in the world right now is One Direction, who have come from the X Factor. And Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Olly Murrs… These are big, big artists, and the secret is Simon Cowell! The record company, the management team together they all make an effective team that make it all work.”

But would he ever join the judging panel? 

“Yeah, of course! We’ve always been very associated with the X Factor, and we will always have that association, and it’s changed all of our lives. If the opportunity came up to be a judge, I’m sure all four of us would jump at the chance.”

Admitting that it’s not just X Factor he’s looking forward to seeing again, he also admitted that the start of the Premiereship is on his mind.

“I’ll tell you one this I am very excited about this year: football. I’m a big Chelsea fan and having Jose Marinio back at the club this year will be incredible. When me and they boys are together, one of our favourite things to do is to watch the football on our iPad, on Sky Go.”