Martin Freeman Confesses He Had Never Read ‘The Hobbit’

It may be one of the most famous novels in modern literature but the star of Peter Jackson’s new film adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’, Martin Freeman has confessed he had never read the fantasy adventure!

Martin takes on the role of Bilbo Baggins in Jackson’s film triology but the Brit star wasn’t exactly familiar with the source material. Not only had the 41-year-old actor never read JRR Tolkien’s classic or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ but he also admits he never understood the hype surrounding it:

”I hadn’t read any of the books actually. I got familiar with Middle Earth through Peter Jackson’s films. Now I can see why people love that world so much, Martin revealed to People magazine.

We’re sure that buttering up helped Martin land the role!

The Sherlock star also revealed how his co-star Sir Ian McKellan was his guide to the night life in New Zealand, where the film was shot:

”It was lovely to have the time to get to know people properly. I’m a homebody so I like putting a DVD on and having a beer.”

“But Ian McKellen was the kind of the social scene. Night’s round Gandalf’s house. There was a lot of that.”

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Bilbo Baggins (Photo: Warner Bros)