Mark Wahlberg Will Return To Music: ‘I’ve Just Got To Find The Right Time’

Mark Wahlberg shot to fame with Number One hit Good Vibrations back in 1991 as part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch before switching to acting. Now he’s considering a return to music

We love Mark Wahlberg for his roles in Ted, Contraband and The Fighter but he started his show business career as a musician, with pop sensation Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Mark Wahlberg could soon be dominating the charts with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (WENN)

The group achieved a Billboard Hot 100 number one hit with their track Good Vibrations, which went on to go platinum in later years.

His acting career took off and carried him away from the world of music, even scoring him two Oscar nominations,  but Mark has hinted he’s missing the stage.

“Do you think it will be lucrative?” he replied, when asked if he might turn to music again. “Well, the Funky Bunch wants to get back out there, too. I’ve just got to find the right time. We might, though…”

Mark is promoting his new movie Broken City, in which he plays a private detective who gets caught up in a conspiracy. His character Billy Taggart is a hard drinker, which many who saw the Graham Norton show last week will find ironic – Mark drank so much red wine before the interview that he actually reportedly fell asleep during recording!

Did he resort to method acting for the role, too?

“The ‘whisky’ is actually just tea,” he explained to Heat magazine. “And the trick to acting drunk is to pretend not to be drunk at all.”

Mark’s character Billy gets involved in many fights, which he loved filming. How does he shoot the scenes without hurting anyone?

“I don’t!” he laughed. “We use special stuntmen who can handle the punches. So most of the time I really go for it.”