Mariah Carey Lifts Ban On Photographing Left Side Of Face

Mariah Carey has credited her husband of eighteen months with overcoming her deep-seated fear of being photographed from her left side.

The star – who has earned a diva reputation over the years – admits to being very particular about which is her ‘best side’ when it comes to going in front of the camera in the past.
Mariah putting her right side forward At Macy’s in NYC this week

But she insists that’s all changed thanks to the encouragement of her husband, and her role in gritty movie Precious which required her to leave her vanity in her trailer.

“I don’t feel like, ‘Oh, I have to be on this side, or I have to be on this side’ – I really had specific things that someone told me when I was 19 starting in the business and I listened to them…I don’t care anymore,” she tells the AP.

“Sometimes I like that [left] side – and Nick likes that side better anyway.”

But old habits die hard and Mariah was back to her old left side-hiding tricks at the launch of her new frangrance Forever in New York this week (see above).

Nice nose, is it new?