Man Vs Food Star Adam Richman Rages On Instagram Dropping C-Word In ‘Vile’ Rant

Man Vs Food’s Adam Richman has been on an Instagram rant, which saw him refer to one woman as a ‘c**t’, as well as insinuating that others kill themselves, after facing a backlash from fans because he used a hashtag which is said to advocate eating disorders.

The curses came after Adam faced a backlash for hastagging the term ‘thinspiration’, a phrase used commonly amongst those that are pro-anorexia and/or pro-bullemia.

Richman made a name for himself after he shed 60Ibs after he left his popular TV show, Man Vs Food. Since finishing the show, the 40-year-old has continued to promote his healthy lifestyle on social networks, but made a wrong move when he used the negative hashtag.

One follower told the star: “I started off politely trying to educate you. Next time you f**k up, (and you will because you clearly have no responsibilty for your own words or actions), maybe realize that you aren’t being ‘trolled’ but that you upset actual human beings.”

And the angry messages carried on hitting Richman, resulting in some aggressive replies from the TV star. He told one angry follower to, “grab a razor blade & draw a bath,” before adding, “I doubt anyone will miss you.”

He then told another that the only “f**k up” endured was their “Dad’s choice to go without a condom.”

He also faced claims that he was a mysognist after he called one woman a “c**t”.

On Wednesday, Adam took to Instagram to apologise for his use of the hashtag, insisting that he didn’t know that the term implied such negativity.

He wrote: “In my previous post, I used the hashtag #thinspiration – honestly not knowing that it carried with it the negative connotation of advocating unhealthy and dangerous eating disorders. I had been told, by others in the wake of my recent weight loss, that I was their “thinspiration” – I took it as an innocent shorthand of inspiration to lose weight.

“Only after posting, and after-sadly only a few people – chose to educate me rather than insult me out right without explaining what I had done to upset them so much – did I realize the impact that this term had. I honestly only advocate people living a healthy, enjoyable life regardless of their size & I want for others all the best that they want for themselves.”

He also tweeted earlier today: “Yes. I’ve responded to internet hate recently with vile words directed at those hating me. I am sorry, I should know better & will do better.”