Man Of Steel ‘Recovers Three Quarters Of Budget Before Release’

New Superman caper Man Of Steel has reportedly covered three quarters of its production costs before a single fan has watched it.

The new blockbuster, starring Henry Cavill in the iconic role, has allegedly raked in more through product placement than any other in the history of cinema.

More than 100 deals have apparently helped it to rake in £110 million; which is not far off the £145 million that it cost to make.

Product placement has been rife in movies, TV and music videos recently, especially since a change in British law that allowed advertisers to pay to have their products featured on TV shows.

Henry Cavill on the red carpet (WENN)

A leading analyst reckons we’re just at the tip of the iceberg. Chris Hackley, Professor of Marketing at the Royal Holloway University of London tells the Mirror: “I don’t think we have seen anything yet with regards to product placement.

“We are only seeing the beginning of it. It is going to become much more sophisticated and widespread than it is already.”

Man of Steel opens on Friday, and last night it premiered in London with stars braving the bad weather to walk down the red carpet.

Reviews have been largely positive thus far, with critics agreeing that Cavill is great in the lead role and that the spectacle will be something to behold.

Will you be checking out Man Of Steel?

Man of Steel premieres

Henry Cavill looks every inch the Man of Steel as the latest incarnation of Superman (Splash News)