Made In Britain? Alfonso Cuarón Defends Gravity’s British Awards

Gravity stars an American actress, Sandra Bullock, and actor, George Clooney, who are directed by Mexican auteur, Alfonso Cuarón. So why does Alfonso believe his film deserves the British Academy of Film And Television’s “Made in Britain” awards?

“It is a British production shot in the UK,” Alfonso declared after his film won six awards, including Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Director, at the BAFTA ceremony on Feb. 16.

Not a native Brit, Alfonso’s films still qualify for British distinction. (FayesVision/WENN)

“I am a UK resident. About 98 per cent of the talent working on this film was from Britain. And almost half of the films I have made I made in the UK.”

But that non-UK two percent, mainly the outstanding performance of Sandra, has played a large role in bringing Gravity its award show success this season and Alfonso acknowledged that fact.

“What is amazing is that with all this amazing wizardry to make this movie happen, the real miracle was Sandra Bullock’s performance,” he said of his top actress, according to Metro. “The audience has connected with this film because of that truthfulness of her performance.”

Sandra spends a majority of Gravity with no other human contact. (Supplied by WENN)

Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) spoiled Sandra’s chances for Outstanding Lead Actress at the BAFTAs, but the Oscar winner will have another chance to take home the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards on March 2.

Gravity will also compete for more hardware at the Oscars where they are nominated in 10 categories.