Louis Tomlinson: ‘I Feel Sorry For Harry Styles, I’m Not The Type To Sleep Around’

Louis Tomlinson has vowed that he won’t let fame ruin his relationship with model and Manchester University student Eleanor Calder with the One Direction hunk claiming he still needs to “live his life” away from the fans and attention.

The Doncaster stud has been with Eleanor for over a year and was in a relationship before then. Despite being in one of the most popular bands on the planet, Louis claims he never gets tempted by the girls throwing themselves at him and groupie’s aren’t for him.

“I’m not the type of guy to sleep around,” he told Fabulous magazine, “That’s just the way I am I suppose.”

“I’m with Eleanor because I want to be, not because I just want to have someone there.”
Referring to the party lifestyle of bandmate Harry Styles who is continuously papped on nights out with different girls, Louis went on.

“I feel sorry for him sometimes,” he confessed,” I mean it can be quite intense but he knows when he’s going out to these places that sometimes these kind of things happen.”

Louis and Eleanor at V Festival earlier this year (Splash News)

Liam Payne recently broke up with his girlfriend Danielle Peazer after two years together, blaming work commitments and fan abuse for their split, but Louis claims he doesn’t let his star status affect their relationship.

“I would never let something like that stop me being in a relationship,” he insisted. “Although we want to give everything to the fans, we still need to be able to live our lives how we want to live them.”

He added: “To be honest, the fans are really supportive, often they come up and ask how Eleanor is.”

The couple were out on the town last night supporting X Factor wildcard Adam Burridge at a gig in London.