London Tube Strike CALLED OFF: Full Details Here

Rest easy, London: the three-day London Underground tube strike has been suspended.

The walkout, which was due to start tonight (May 5), has been called off by the RMT Union after last-minute talks.

The dispute is over proposals to close all ticket offices across the network, however acting general secretary of the RMT, Mick Cash, has said that there has been “significant progress” against the plans.

The strike affected travel last week (Twitter/Independent)

London Mayer Boris Johnson is quoted by the BBC as saying that calling off the strike is a “victory for common sense and for Londoners”.

The Underground’s Chief Operating Officer, Phil Hufton had said in defense of the proposals: “Modernisation of the Tube means that it is our intention to close all ticket offices, used in less than 3% of journeys, and instead deliver a vastly better customer service by bringing more staff than ever before out on to the concourses of stations at ticket machines, ticket gates and platforms – just as we delivered during the London 2012 Games.

“This will also allow us to save £50m per annum to reinvest in better and more reliable train services and to keep fares down.”

Johnson added: “I always said these strikes were pointless, and by getting so many people to work during last week’s stoppage Transport for London has shown the RMT that its actions, supported by a minority of its members, will achieve nothing.”