LISTEN: Leona Lewis Is Back! Singer Debuts New Single ‘Trouble’

Leona Lewis has unveiled her new ‘comeback’ single Trouble, set to be released on October 7 with US rapper Childish Gambino.

The single was written by singing superstar Emeli Sande and is set to be released a week before her third studio album Glassheart, which will finally be released on October 15 after a lot of delays.

The album was originally set to be released back in November 2011, but perfectionist Leona kept delaying the release, to make sure that everything was just right.

Of the track the Bleeding Love singer said, “‘Trouble’ tells the story of love going bad and becoming destructive, aspects of which we can all relate to. It’s a deeply emotional and poignant song that I have a real connection to.”

Aaah, what else would be expect from Leona other than a whole lot of emotion? However, it’s not all ballads on there apparently and the singer has also said that she’ll even be challenging the likes of Nicki Minaj in the upcoming album…

“On my new album I will be rapping. I’ve discovered my voice for rapping,” she said during a live stream. ”I could probably go up against Nicki Minaj now. I’m actually that good, so I’m coming for you Nicki!” she joked. “London-style MCing.”

Leona Lewis – ‘Trouble’:

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