LISTEN: Conor Maynard Releases New Album Track ‘Drowning’

Newcomer Conor Maynard has released a new track from his upcoming album ‘Contrast’. The song, titled ‘Drowning’ has been debuted online for fans to download for free, when they pre-order Conor’s LP ‘Contrast’ on iTunes.

The singer released ‘Can’t Say No’ earlier this year and when it peaked at a respectable number 2 in the official charts – people immediately started comparing the pop cutie to Mr. Justin Bieber himself!

Conor spoke to Digital Spy about his forthcoming album:

“There’s a song called ‘Mary’ that I’m really fond of. I wonder how people will see that one. ‘Drowning’ was produced by Crada, who produced ‘Fireworks’ by Drake and Alicia Keys.”

The album is set to feature a number of collaborations and is released on May 28. The artists are yet to be announced…however, Maynard fans don’t fret! You only have a few more weeks to wait.

The star’s already attracted a fair few celeb fans as well – with pals Lily Allen, Miquita Oliver and Nick Grimshaw all attending his recent Camden gig.

Definitely one to watch, it seems…

Conor impresses fans at secret gig…