Lindsay Lohan Wants Samantha Ronson’s Brother To Father Her Babies?

Reports that Lindsay Lohan wants to have Samantha Ronson’s babies have been denied by her reps but the rumours refuse to go away – and they’re getting wilder!

According to the latest gossip, the actress is planning to raise a child with her DJ girlfriend – and already has a potential sperm donor in mind.

“Lindsay told Sam that she’s been feeling more and more maternal in the past few months and she wants to get pregnant,” a source tells Star.

“Sam was completely overjoyed, because starting a family with Lindsay is a dream come true for her.

“They both think that Samantha’s older brother, Mark Ronson, would be the perfect sperm donor.

“They agree that it’s the best way for Lindsay and Samantha to have a baby together.”

After a lengthy stint not wearing a bra and hanging out with Sam in L.A., Lindsay was back at work on the Ugly Betty set this week...