Lindsay Lohan Nails Second West End Performance, Proves Theatre Shouldn’t Be Judged On Opening Night

Her otherwise praised performance in the opening night of Speed-The-Plow may have been widely overshadowed by the fact she fluffed a few lines, but Lindsay Lohan aced her second night on the West End according to audience members on Twitter.

While the play itself continues to divide, the former Mean Girls star’s Karen seemingly went off without a hitch on Thursday night (September 25), with no sign of the blatant line troubles that melodramatically hit headlines around the world the night before.

Mark Howson wrote: “A great @lindsaylohan in #speedtheplow tonight. No cues or flubbed lines that I saw. Theatre should never be reviewed on opening night.” Preach! Vampire Soup, meanwhile, tweeted: “She’s here. She’s acting. She knows her lines. Ha! YOU WERE WRONG #SpeedThePlow”.

Speed-the-Plow curtain call (Photo: Splash News)

Referring to a part of the play, Dom O’Hanlon posted: “Well LILO did good. She remembered all her lines and was told she was just ‘a tight p**sy wrapped around a tree'”.

Headlines on various media outlets were somewhat unfair to the actress following opening night; proving that there’s a reason why the vast majority of other major professional shows are granted a few nights of Previews before the Press Night signals the arrival of official reviews. TMZ went with a hideous “Lindsay Lohan was a DISASTER in debut” headline, while the Daily Beast claimed “London Laughs at Lindsay Lohan”.

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