Lily Allen Says Her New Album Will Be ‘All About Nappies’

Three years ago she announced that she would not be returning to music for at least five years because she was itching to start a family with her then-boyfriend Sam Cooper – but it would seem that Lily Allen is not a woman who can keep away from the studio for too long.

She announced at this week’s Ivor Novello Awards that she was currently working on her third album – but it might end up being all about nappies!

Lily, 28, is now married to Sam and they have two daughters, 18-month-old Ethel and Marnie, who was born in January.

In October last year, she revealed to Q Magazine that she was back in the studio, “throwing s**t in the wall and seeing if anything sticks… It’s great to work at my own pace with no commitments other than to make music”.

Yesterday she revealed that she was writing her third album, and that she has been inspired by many different topics, more than she was for her first two albums, 2006’s Alright, Still and 2009’s It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Speaking at the awards to a group of journalists, she joked that her new offering would probably be “all about nappies” and added: “I wouldn’t say it’s been easy. It hasn’t been hard.

“It’s just been different because my pool of inspiration is so different to what it was nine or 10 years ago.”

Allen is the proud ownder of two Ivor Novello Awards, which she won in 2010 and are voted for by the industry but doesn’t keep them in the toilet or on their mum’s mantlepiece like other stars.

No, Lily has found a more productive use for the gongs – propping open her doors!

“They actually are used as doorsteps in my house,” she said. “They are my most prized possession but I do use them so that they are seen every day.”

Lily was at the awards in London yesterday to present one to indoe rock group Alt-J, who took home the Album Award.

Are you looking forward to Lily’s new music?