Lily Allen: Paris Hilton Fans Should Be Killed

On the morning former Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein was executed, pop star Lily Allen has called for Paris Hilton fans to meet the same fate.

Ok, we?re sure it was just a turn of phrase ? but the outspoken singer has strong opinions about the people who supported Paris? attempt to launch a pop career this year.

She rallies, ?I just think it’s so boring and pathetic and it shouldn’t happen. It’s just laziness. People cheesy enough to buy albums like that should be killed.”

However, Allen is heartened by the fact that acts like the Arctic Monkeys and, er, herself, have helped music fans in her native Britain to ignore Paris? pop pap.

She explains, ?Five years ago Paris Hilton’s album would have done really well over here because we didn’t have things like the Internet, we didn’t have bands like myself or the Arctic Monkeys.

“Now people can see her for what she is, and think, ‘Go away! What makes you think you have a life?’?

Absolutely Lily! Who would dream of passing off some reggae-lite tunes as groundbreaking music? Er…