Lily Allen Leaves Twitter Following Abuse After Scottish Soldier Racism Charge

Lily Allen has received a bombard of hate following her decision to report a Scottsih soldier to the military over a Tweet he sent her, claiming it was racist.

Lance Corporal Harry Wilson, who serves in the 1st battalion of the Scots regiment, has now reportedly been summoned to Edinburgh headquarters to explain his actions.

The singer reported 20-year-old Harry Wilson to the Ministry of Defence after he tweeted her saying: ”just seen you bought s*** I mean adopted a child from Africa (sic)”.

Lily, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child, has not in fact adopted an African child.

The soldiers family are claiming that he has been misinterpreted and that the Tweet was simply badly punctuated. It should have read “All the best with your new family just seen you bought – s*** – meant adopted a child from Africa”

According to The Sun newspaper his family say Wilson is not a racist and never has been.

Her move has caused a backlash from colleges and friends of Wilson, with people calling her a ”coke head” and a ”stuck up wee cow”.

One Glasgow-based user @suzanne_x – wrote: ”you are a disgrace, you kept you job when you were full of drugs & cocaine with kate moss ya stuck up wee cow!! KARMA!! (sic)”

Tweeting under the name @steveallison4, he wrote: ”Harry been told the top dogs in the army want him discharged! @lilyrosecooper a hope ur f***in happy ya coke head b*****d? #harrysnotaracist? (sic)” .

Lily Allen has now tweeted that she’s taking a break from Twitter from the abuse that she has received.

“Ok I’m leaving twitter for a few days,hmmmm maybe hours, we’ll see. The stupidity of some people on here is astounding,” she wrote just moments ago.