Liam Payne The DJ? One Direction Hunk Remixes Their New Single Into A Club Banger (LISTEN)

One Direction might have just created their first real club banger, courtesy of Liam Payne, who is one fifth of the boy band. The 20-year-old showed off his DJ skills by remixing their next single.

One Direction are meant to release ‘You & I’ as an EP on May 25, and included on the album will be a remix of the song that was created by Liam Payne.

The remix is called the “Big Payno Remix” and he has taken what is actually a slow ballad, and turned it into an electronic dance mix.

Liam Payne seems to have some DJ skills (Will Alexander/

The group released a short preview of the remix earlier today as a part of their big announcement that their next single would be You & I, and the video would be released on April 18.

Niall Horan couldn’t keep his excitement about the release to himself. He let the fans know that the song is dedicated to them.

“so excited to announce that our next single is You and I. We’re dedicating this one to you guys !!” he tweeted today.

You & I will be One Direction’s fourth single (

The video will be the fourth release off of their current album Midnight Memories. They have already released Best Song Ever, Story Of My Life, and the title track Midnight Memories.

Listen to the remix below: