Liam Payne Dishes On His Drag Queen Alter-Ego ‘Penelope’

Liam Payne is seemingly up for getting in touch with his feminine side as the One Direction star has nicknamed his female alter-ego, Penelope Payne, but it seems he won’t be performing on stage in heels just yet!

One Direction are no strangers to cross-dressing – especially after Zayn’s transformation into sexy secretary ‘Veronica’ for their ‘Best Song Ever’ video – and it seems Liam has also been thinking about his very own Drag Queen persona.

The revelation came as the 20-year-old hunk was asked: “What would your drag queen name be if you were one?”

According to 1D Rock Me Updater, Liam replied: “Penelope Payne.”

It seems band-mate Harry Styles has spent less time thinking about his cross-dressing possibilities as he remarked: “I don’t even know!”

Zayn and Louis Tomlinsion also revealed during the Q&A session that they would love to have deceased rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls round for dinner.

Both rappers – Biggie who died in 1997 and Tupac who died in 1996 – were killed by an unknown assailant in drive-by shootings.

Meanwhile, Liam has taken to Twitter to thank the band’s Aussie fans for their support during the Australian leg of One Direction’s ‘Take Me Home’ tour.

He tweeted: “Ah Melbourne the penultimate show last two of the Australian tour, you’ve all been amazing all over this brilliant country thanks Aussies xx (sic)”