Liam Payne Begs One Direction Fans To Leave Him Alone: What Have They Done This Time?

One Direction’s Liam Payne has been forced to take to Twitter to ask fans for privacy AGAIN, as Directioners continue to sit outside his house and ask for photographs.

Liam is definitely no stranger to sharing his private life with the globe, being in one of the biggest boybands out there right now, but he understandably sees his home as the one place that he can “be himself” and has had to be quite stern with the fans that continue to disrespect this.

The Kiss You superstar posted: “Please don’t sit outside my house it’s the one place I get to be myself n not have people taking pictures” (sic)

And this definitely isn’t the first time that Liam has had to take to the social networking site to beg fans to leave him alone, no matter how much he appreciates everything that they’ve done for him and the band.

After an irresponsible image of the singer posing on the edge of a sky-high balcony emerged on Twitter back in January, eagle-eyed fans were quick to put two and two together and figure out where Liam lives.

Not only did he then have to clear up the balcony controversy online, but he also had to ask fans to stop pestering him.

He shared: “I know my friends have tweeted a lot of pictures of my house the past few days but can people please stop coming and waiting outside I’d just like to be able to walk outside as everyone does and enjoy time with my friends, not feel bad for not wanting to take a picture.”

He then added: “Sorry if I’ve been rude to anyone but I’ve come to realise if I take one picture more people keep coming everyday xxx hope everyone’s good” (sic)