Lewis Hamilton On Nicole Scherzinger: ‘I Still Love Her Very Much’

Formula 1 racing star Lewis Hamilton has said that he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, despite splitting with the X Factor USA judge last month.

The 26-year-old was caught meeting up with Nicole in a Los Angeles car park earlier this week, looking far from happy, but now Hamilton has admitted that he still hopes for a future with Nicole.

Talking about being pictured with his former girlfriend of four years, he said: “I still love her very much.”

After having a turbulent racing season, Lewis has admitted that feelings remain for both of them and that they’ve been meeting up throughout the week.

“We still have very, very strong feelings for each other and I still love her very much. You know, it’s still very early days. Who knows, maybe we’ll be together in the future,” he said.

Addressing the pictures that were taken of their awkward encounter on Monday (November 21), he said: “You didn’t catch us at the best of times. But what you didn’t see is that we had a really good week. We had a couple of really nice lunches together and that day we had a really nice dinner. It was a really positive few days. I came away from L.A. feeling great and things are getting into perspective.”

Would you like to see these two back together? Perhaps he’s seen this awesome snap of Nicole and wants a piece of that action… again!