‘Let’s Play Murder!’: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Ramps Up Suspense In Second Episode Trailer

More drama to follow with the Baker Street detective series.

If you thought you’d seen more than enough drama in The Empty Hearse, you’d better get ready for some more following the release of a trailer for the second episode of Sherlock.

Having been left well and truly confused over the many explanations about how Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, faked his own death but happy to see the return of the iconic detective, the second episode will see the wedding between Dr Watson and Mary take place.

But their wedding will be far from drama free as Sherlock will be seen taking on the best man duty and telling the crowd: “Let’s play murder”, before showing Dr Watson telling Sherlock: “There is a man in there about to die. The game is on. Solve it!”

Check out the trailer!

Meanwhile, last night’s episode saw Beniduct’s real parents (Wanda Ventham, 78, and Timothy Carlton – real name Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch-, 74) make a cameo appearance on the show playing Sherlock’s very normal parents. Admitting that he got emotional when he saw his parents on set, the actor told reporters at the screening for the first episode at a screening at the BFI last month:

“I nearly cried watching it. I’m so proud of them and I’m so proud of the reaction they got – and I think they’re perfect casting as my parents!”

Benedict Cumberbatch starred with his actor parents in the return of Sherlock (BBC Pictures)

The actor did admit that it was scary having his parents on set though: “It was kind of nerve-wracking.

“They’re actors, and they get nervous as well, and yet they were brilliant, they hit home runs, they were fantastic and it was lovely – really, really nice – to have them on set… It was really gorgeous, a very special feeling.”