Leonardo DiCaprio Admits The Wolf Of Wall Street Sex Scenes Made Him ‘Feel Like A Rock Star’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie The Wolf Of Wall Street was released recently and despite majority of the scenes involving him and his wild ways, the actor has said that the raunchy, sex scenes were “fun.”

Leo plays stockbroker Jordan Belfort in the much-talked about flick and he has now spoken out about his role, saying that he didn’t mind baring all on camera.

The hunk told Britain’s OK! magazine: ”Much of the film depended on creating a wild and reckless atmosphere. I didn’t hold anything back. There were no stunt doubles for me either – it’s all me. That’s all me flopping around naked!

”We added an orgy scene on an aeroplane which was a full day of filming. It was insane.”

He continued: ”It was fun [filming the scenes]. I didn’t think about the nudity much because I was trying to portray what this guy’s life was like and it all really happened.”

DiCaprio may be constantly surrounded by beautiful models whilst living the showbiz lifestyle every single day, but he admits that shooting the movie made him feel “like a rock star”, despite being one of the most famous faces in Hollywood.

He said: ”I felt like a rock star making this film, especially when we were shooting scenes in front of the extras and spraying champagne. I had a lot of fun doing it, but I didn’t get so wrapped up that I wanted to indulge myself away from the set.”

The Wolf Of Wall Street managed to bag the number one spot at the UK Box Office on its first weekend of release last week, with the movie beating the week before’s number one 12 Years A Slave into second place.