Lena Dunham Gushes Over ‘National Taylor Swift Day’ As 1989 Is FINALLY Released

Taylor Swift has FINALLY released her fifth studio album after weeks of teasing lyrics from her new material and fans and a bunch of the singer’s showbiz pals have already been quick to gush over the release, with Girls star Lena Dunham even officially now naming October 27th ‘National Taylor Swift Day.’ And rightly so!

Taylor has already treated fans to an exclusive secret listening party and not only can they now get their hands on a copy of the new release, but they’ll also get 13 polaroids when they buy a physical copy of 1989, with each one having a handwritten lyric from the album at the bottom of the pic. Ahead of the eagerly anticipated release, T-Swiz took to Instagram to post a pic of the images alongside the caption: “The 1989 physical CD comes with 13 Polaroids. There are 5 different sets (65 different poloroids in all) Each Polaroid has a handwritten lyric from 1989 at the bottom.”

As well as fans gushing over the release, with many predicting that this would be yet another number one for Ms. Swift, the Love Story superstar’s celeb friends including Lena Dunham and Ed Sheeran (obviously) taking to Twitter to big up the LP.

1989 has FINALLY been released (Packshot)

Sheeran posted, following his X Factor performance last night: “Go grab yourself @taylorswift13’s new album, it just came out and it’s stellar” whilst Lena Dunham said: “Hope you enjoy October 27th or, as it shall now be called, national Taylor Swift day #TS1989” before she then added: “My favorite songs on #1989 are This Love, Blank Space, Out of the Woods and also every single song.”

Taylor’s BFF Lena has dubbed today ‘National Taylor Swift Day’ (WENN)

Hayley Williams from Paramore also chimed in: “She done done it again! Tonight, my favorite is “This Love”.. #TS1989″ whilst Karlie Kloss said: “The wait is OVER!…..#TS1989 IS (almost) FINALLYYYYY HERE!!!!!!……tonight at MIDNIGHT you can download @taylorswift’s full album on iTunes!!!! Woooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Stay tuned for our album review this morning.