LeAnn Rimes is Still Pretending She Has a Normal, Fun Relationship With Eddie Cibrian

Still pretending she doesn’t spend her day furiously googling her name, tweeting about Brandi being a b*tch in a oh-so-subtle way, and selecting bikinis to take selfies in, LeAnn Rimes is back for one final grab at the spotlight (and it’s just so far away!).  LeAnn is about to appear in a new reality show with her husband Eddie Cibrian. It’s loosely scripted but based around their real lives. Speaking about filming, LeAnn comments that it shows off their great relationship and just how totally fun they are. Nauseous yet? Insert eye roll.

LeAnn said about the charade:

“It’s like every other reality show. There’s a lot of heart to it but there’s also a lot of laughs. Eddie and I are very much that way in our relationship. We have a lot of humor between the two of us and give each other s— a lot, so you see that.”

She adds that they really don’t take themselves seriously. Yeah, we can see that from the intense twitter feed and fake social accounts LeAnn, just a hoot! She said that it’s just so shocking for people to see them in this candid way:

I think people really think we take ourselves seriously. It’s so opposite of that but no one ever gets to see it. Other than the reason of us wanting to work together and be home with the kids, why not have fun and poke fun at everything that’s gone on for the last five years.”

And there it goes, slipping by – goodbye spotlight. It’s the last time anyone will ever care just a tiny little bit.