Lana Del Rey: I Had A Philosophical Crisis

Lana Del Rey: I Had A Philosophical Crisis


Lana Del Rey, in a recent interview with The Telegraph, revealed that she had a problem with alcohol as a teenager.

But we were far more interested in the reasons she gave behind this dependancy…

“When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of a philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal. For some reason that knowledge sort of overshadowed my experience. I was unhappy for some time. I got into a lot of trouble. I used to drink a lot. That was a hard time in my life.”

Most people drink because they’re overworked, or overstressed, or overemotional. Lana Del Rey isn’t most people. Lane Del Ray drank because she feared mortality.

She’s as deep as an ocean trench, isn’t she?

Lana’s debut album, aptly titled ‘Born To Die’, is due out on 30 January. We can’t wait to wrap our ears around THAT…

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