Lads Night Out! Robert Pattinson Parties Alongside Vince Vaughn And Joaquin Phoenix

Robert Pattinson definitely has his fair share of celebrity pals and it’s now been revealed that he’s made a couple more, as the hunk was spotted partying alongside Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix last night.

The Twilight actor hit up The Larchmont in Los Angeles with the actors and the trio were all spotted leaving the club in pictures snapped by Pacific Coast News, before they piled into a vintage Chevrolet Camaro and zoomed off.

R-Patz is often snapped out on the town and was also spotted partying with Florence and the Machine star Isabella Summers at Chateau Marmont earlier this week.

The actor kept his head down as he left the Hollywood hotspot with the pretty blonde in photos posted on fansite, but reportedly headed back to his home where the couple made sweet music together.

A video posted by artist Jeremy O. Harris on Twitter shows Isabella sitting at a piano with Rob standing next to her.

Along with the video he tweeted: “@jeremyoharris: Making music at @ Rpatz house. Nbd.” (sic)

It’s assumed ‘R Patz’ refers to The Rover hunk, with the image looking pretty similar to the star.

Clearly Rob was enjoying a night away from his girlfriend Kristen who he’s been inseparable from since returning from Australia where he was living for two months to shoot his latest movie.

Earlier in the day he was spotted out with Kristen and reportedly enjoyed a PDA filled lunch in Hollywood.

“They came in with some friends, two other girls and a guy. They all seemed very happy. They were laughing and joking with each other,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Rob and Kristen were holding hands while they were ordering and then they all say down to eat. They talked about go karting. They were really all down to earth. Rob and Kristen looked especially cute together. He had his arm around her when they were sitting down.”

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