Kristen Stewart’s Camp X-Ray Co-Stars Reveal Actress’ Weakness

She may be a talented actress but it appears Kristen Stewart has a weakness which has been revealed by her Camp X-Ray co-stars.

Explaining that the cast found out about Kristen’s weakness when they went to the local bowling alley, Kristen’s co-star Ser’Darius Blain told MTV News:

“Kristen sucks at bowling. I will say that. I tried to help her. I tried.”

“She’s a crappy bowler. She needs bumpers”, added fellow Camp X-Ray cast member Joseph Julian Soria.

With everyone dishing on her bad bowling skills, Kristen wasn’t shy in agreeing, adding at the Sundance festival: “Oh, I am. I’m awful, and it sucks because I’m really kind of good at everything.

“I cannot bowl, and it really is very frustrating.”

Speaking of frustration, Kristen reportedly showed her annoyance as she was quizzed about her thoughts on her ex boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, selling his home.

Having been seen by the paps, Kristen didn’t appear to be in the mood to chat as she walked through LAX with her eyes covered by sunglasses and her airport outfit consisting of jeans and a jacket.

As the actress was asked about Rob, she decied to stay quiet on the matter and continued to make her way to the car that was waiting to pick her up.”