Kristen Stewart Tries to Dine Unnoticed at Hooters, Ends Up Taking Pics With All the Staff


While rumors continue to drag on about her relationship with Robert Pattinson (are they actually over for good this time?), ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart has randomly turned up in Texas. She opted to dine out at Hooters, turning her back on the restaurant in the hopes of going unnoticed. However, one fan still managed to see the actress and approached her for a photo. She told the fan she would be happy to pose with him once she was finished eating, and she ended up taking photos alongside the entire staff! An insider commented on the night:

“She was trying not to be noticed, so she sat with her back to the restaurant, when she was eating, a guy asked her if she was Kristen Stewart. She said, ‘Yes.’ When the guy asked her if he could take a photo, she asked if she could take it after her meal.”

The source says that Kristen enjoyed her time and was very nice to everyone who tried to talk to her: “She was really nice”, and the insider adds that she “smiled and said bye before she left.” A photo of Kristen surrounded by Hooters employees has since surfaced and Kristen appears to be in good spirits mid-laugh in the snap: is she ready for a comeback?