Kristen Stewart Treats Robert Pattinson Like An Assistant?

Since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship went public last month we’ve been dying to hear some titbits about the pair as a couple.

But this latest report is not exactly what we were hoping for…

According to heat magazine, Kristen treats her Twilight co-star and boyfriend like an assistant, comparing him to her pet dogs.

A friend of the actress told the mag: “She’s like, ‘I love Rob, but I love my dogs, too.’ She treats Rob like an assistant sometimes, sending him out to buy wine or groceries.”

And when Rob takes the time to visit her, she’s not exactly enthused: “She doesn’t show too much excitement when he gets there. But that’s what Rob seems to like, the fact that she doesn’t treat him as if he’s special.”

Kristen has gained a reputation for being grumpy, although she claims it is her nerves that give off that impression. However, the friend admitted: “She used to be so nice, but she’s slowly turning into a defensive grump.”