Kristen Stewart on Internet Gossip & Personal Assistants

Perhaps learning from past interviews where she comes across as a bit ‘stand-off-ish’, Kristen Stewart is doing her best to sound level in her latest one. She addresses the issue of internet gossip and seems to make some sense. She explains it can affect her and her feelings, even though stories are often just so crazy:

“People say how insignificant that stuff is. It is really easy for a pompous person to say it doesn’t mean anything… You definitely do not want to hear anyone in my position harp on the hardships….To speak lightly about it is okay. For people to say it is not a big deal, it is not real life—that is a sentiment I couldn’t peddle more. I completely agree that all of this media stuff, if you’re involved in it, can’t really touch you physically, and it shouldn’t affect you and all that. Yet it does technically affect your life. Obviously in the best ways imaginable. In dreamlike ways it affects your life. But from anyone’s perspective it is nuts and it should totally be acknowledged.”

Kristen also admits that hiring a personal assistant can be dangerous, because often celebrities hire close friends to work with them and in turn, those stars can become dependent on that person. She thinks it often turns in to an “odd relationship” because of how unbalanced it feels:

“As actors we get into these isolated positions that can get weird because you tend to guard yourself in a way that limits interactions. So it’s normal for actors to hire friends or somebody to be around. The lines can get really blurred, because they are working for you. They are an employee but they’re also your friend and a creative partner. Then you become codependent and obsessive. It’s this weird unbalanced, but really odd relationship that is so unique and so esoteric in terms of how many people actually experience it.”