Kristen Stewart on Her Early Fame Years: “It Was Really F–king Hard”

The ‘Twilight’ actress says she was very nervous in the spotlight and also gave some bad interviews. She reveals that she was uncomfortable with her fame at first and she thinks people weren’t used to her either:

“I hadn’t carved out my spot, and people hadn’t gotten used to me yet. It was really f–king hard. I didn’t interview well. I was really nervous. People f–king didn’t respond that well.”

Kristen never looks strangers in the eyes and says it’s her way of keeping people out when she isn’t sure of them, but she usually likes to be relaxed with people as long as they’re friendly to her:

“Because then you’re letting them in. But at the same time, you’re like, What, I don’t want to let anyone in? And, honestly, I’m super real with people. Incredibly. If someone’s really cool and nice and just wants to talk, I will f–king hang out and chat all day.”

On knowing when it just doesn’t work as an actress and she can’t get in to character:

“Some people try to do that thing where you craft a character. I cannot be anyone other than who I am. If I can’t empathize with something [my character] does, it’s a problem. And sometimes I’ve had directors be like, It’s not you, Kristen, it’s the character. And I’m like, That’s the laziest thing you can possibly say to me. It is me. It’s definitely me.”