Kristen Stewart on Fame: “I Was Deemed Very Ungrateful”

The ‘Twilight’ actress says she was never ungrateful for her growing fame and was actually just very “nervous and freaking out” at the time. She explained that the experience initially put her on edge:

“Initially, and I’m not saying anyone’s public image of me is wrong, that would be a silly thing for me to say, but I was deemed very ungrateful [for my success], like I didn’t care. Do not think I didn’t care, it was because I was nervous and freaking out that everyone was staring at me all the time.”

Kristen says things have changed for her now, because she feels she can cope better with the spotlight after that nervous period. She admits that at the time, she was “overwhelmed” by what was going on around her and she wasn’t behaving right as a result. Now, she feels more experienced:

“I totally have changed, just in the way that I can deal. It’s not like they weren’t right or weren’t wrong, it’s just that I wasn’t conveying myself as easily. I was just so overwhelmed. Now I’m a little older and more experienced, it is easier to talk to the media about this stuff, but initially it was kind of impossible. If you are put on this spot you can’t think, it was just like an excessive and ridiculous version of that, and it blew up in my face. It’s just hilarious this perception that I don’t care, because when that was happening I was like, ‘Oh my God, no one cares about me. Like help!’”