Kristen Stewart: “I Can Get Any Role With a Snap of My Fingers”

Kristen Stewart + interview = disaster, and that simple equation continued in her latest one. The actress says she can have any role she wants and she never has to beg for anything, because she’s just that good? She says every door is open and she can do whatever she wants, so it’s always up to her when it comes to picking her direction:

“I never have to beg for a role, I can get any role with a snap of my fingers, and I don’t have to fight and struggle on my way up, like some other actors. I imagine a huge map with lots of streets and roads, and the only thing I have to do – is choose, where do I want to stay. Every door is open for me. I had a conscienceless amount of luck in my life. And it’s enough to understand: I love to play in blockbusters because I know, everyone’d watch them, they attract people, they’re easy to take and they’re enjoyable.”

Kristen continues by saying everything she works on is something she personally wants to do and she says she is not ashamed to be in such a privileged position:

“Everything I do, I do for myself. Blockbuster, art-house or Chanel commercial – it doesn’t matter. It could seem that after a successful movie I can allow myself anything. And you know what? I can! It’s incredible: I can do anything I f–king want. Yes, I’m in this unconscionably privileged position. And I’m not ashamed.”