Kristen Stewart ‘Has Been Hiding With Friends And Family’ Since Robert Pattinson Split

Since the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders affair broke, we’ve all been wondering where the actress has been hiding –  but we now know that she hasn’t been staying at her publicist or her producer’s home, but has been splitting her time by bouncing back and forth between pads in California with friends and family.

It’s been previously revealed that Kristen hasn’t been eating and barely sleeping, whilst living off Sugar-Free Red Bull and cigarettes, with family and friends becoming extremely worried about the star. But it’s now been said that the actress hasn’t been sleeping at her publicist or producer’s home but has instead been bouncing back and forth between her California cribs.

It turns out Kristen has been staying at her parent’s place in Woodland Hills, California and her best girlfriend, Scout Taylor Compton‘s place in Burbank.

“Her parents are begging her to stay with them,” a source has told Hollywoodlife.

Adding, “Because they’re worried she can’t deal with this on her own.”

Meanwhile, although friends and family have been increasingly worried about the star, it seems like she may be making small steps of progress in the right direction again…as it’s been confirmed that she WILL be attending Toronto’s premiere of ‘On The Road’.

R-Pattz has already mustered up the courage to face reporters since the affair broke, but Kristen on the other hand hasn’t spoken to anyone with the appearance set to be her first red carpet event since the scandal broke.

A source close to Kristen has confirmed to that the 22-year-old Twilight star will be attending the festival to promote On the Road – which is slated to premiere September 6.

Oh dear…we wonder if Kristen will make the effort and glam it up for next month’s red carpet event?